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About Us

Bubble Solutions was founded in 2013.

During many years of experience in various technology-based businesses we started to develop an idea that will revolutionize the world of home technological solutions.

We had a dream: to create a new kind of smart homes -smarter homes- which are also sensitive to human feelings.

We defined our concept as Intelligent Life Systems.


After months of hard work, and thanks to our team of world-class innovators -including tech-savvy designers, engineers, carpenters, marketing experts, photographers and psychologists-what started as a futuristic concept has become a reality.

The future is here:

Intelligent Life Systems A sensitive home is the future version of a smart home.

Thanks to tens of highly sensitive sensors seamlessly placed around the building, which gather and interpret physiological data, those who live or work in a sensitive space will be able to receive live updates to their Smartphone and take actions as needed.

All this in addition to being able to control the physical conditions of the home or office (e.g. electricity, lighting, temperature, security).