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Our technology is based on tens of smart sensors which gather physiological data and translate it into the feelings of those in the home or office, and adapt the physical conditions accordingly.

The options and advantages are countless and almost unlimited: Be there even when you're not there: The advantages of a sensitive home system Enhanced security Bubble Solutions' Intelligent Life Systems will provide you peace of mind by allowing you to control all the security systems in your home or business, including locks, entrances and windows.

You will also be able to deactivate electronic appliances from afar, and even simulate your presence if needed. Comfortable and easy to use Bubble Solutions' user interface is very friendly and easy to navigate.

Increased control from close and far The Bubble Mobile App will allow you to control complex functions of your home even when you are away. Energy saving Our Intelligent life system can help you save energy by turning off appliances and electric power when not in use. Sensorial updates This is what the world has been waiting for.

With Bubble Solutions' Intelligent Life Systems you will be able to receive live updates from your home or office with the interpretation of the actual feelings that the people there are experiencing. Is there an argument going on? Is the baby hungry or sick? Is it time to walk the dog? And much more! The sky is the limit

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A home that can feel: How does it work?

Highly sensitive and intelligent sensors Bubble Solutions' Intelligent Life Systems works through a series of sensors which are able to gather data and translate it into feelings through changes in facial expressions, voice tones, movement, temperature and smell, among others.

Aesthetic installation

We understand that aesthetics are very important in a house or work space.
Therefore, Bubble Solutions' highly sensitive sensors are seamlessly installed and distributed throughout the different rooms in your home or building in harmonious ways that do not affect the interior design.

Live updates from your intelligent life system

You will receive a live update to your Smartphone or tablet and a warning when something needs your immediate attention in order to allow you to take action if needed.

Bubble Solutions' Intelligent Life Systems will allow you to be in complete control of what goes on in your home or workplace.

Our Clients

Bubble Solutions works with both private and corporate clients; we are currently working to meet the needs of private homes, businesses, academic institutions and more.

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